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Perforated plate with square holes

Lochbleche mit Quadratlochung

Perforated plates with square holes are often used as covers for machinery housing and banister filling because of their easy subsequent processing.

Mainly format panels established themselves in the area of further production as a cheap alternative. The perforated plate with an all around closed border can be cut out as a fixed format. This has the advantage that this kind of perforated plate can be used individually.

Mainly it is distinguished between two types of perforated plates with square holes:

Square holes in a straight arrangement   Square holes in a shifted arrangement
Lochbleche mit Quadratlochung gerade Anordnung   Lochbleche - Quadratlochung mit versetzter Anordnung

Perforated plates with square holes can be used in almost the same fields of every day life as the perforated plates with round holes. Lightness and stiffness combined with a number of materials construct large numbers of application possibilities.
Perforated plates with square holes are very suitable for folding and bending.

A further individuality of perforated plates is attained by using accessory holes.