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Perforated plates with round holes

Perforated plates with round holes

Perforated plates with round holes and square holes are the two most used hole forms. Round holes are the type of holes which are used most of the time for perforated plates.

The punched and regular hole pattern is characteristic for the perforated plates and it finds its applications most often in technical and architectural fields.

Generally there are two different types of round holes:

Round holes in a shifted arrangement   Round holes in a straight arrangement

Perforated plates with the round holes arranged in a shifted press cut attain a very high passage and are used e.g. for ventilation systems, sifting and filter systems.


Perforated plates with the round hole arranged in a straight fashion are mainly used for visual purposes and are found in shops - and counter constructions and façade systems.

All normal materials are used as primary material for perforated plates. Furthermore after technical examination also special materials like Hardox, wood, PVC or even glass can be used

Perforated plates reduce the weight of the used material quite a lot, which in turn expands its range of application. Through perforation the stiffness of the plate can be increased.

The range of applications of perforated plates is still wider than the just mentioned examples. Because of the usage of many different materials with different characteristics, like high stability with little mass and great transparency, there are always new areas of application coming up.